STEM Boxes

We continue to monitor the ongoing restrictions and impact of the COVID-19 as it effects our various on-site and off-site activity offerings.
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Our STEM Boxes are flying off the shelf!

Through a wide selection of choices, your child can be a BrickEd & More scientist in any STEM field! Whether they inspire to be an Aerospace Engineer, Computer Programmer, Mathematician, Chemist, and many others, our STEM boxes are the solution for your child to help drive that passion along. These are great for summer camps, individual use during the school year to complement their education, or small group during an after school group or one of our Personalized Academic Learning System (P.A.L.S.) groups! Each of these boxes come with 5 activities, except for the mystery box which has 10 activities, and the full box set that has 20 activities.Check out the table below for all of our options:

Full Box (20 activities$174.99
Mystery Box (10 activities)$74.99
Chemistry Box$34.99
DIY Robotics Box$49.99
Aeronautics Box$44.99
Energy Box$44.99
Creative Design and Engineering Box$42.99
Brick Challenge Box$34.99
Forensics Box$44.99
Forces and Motion Box$44.99
Brick Literacy Box$34.99
Math Challenge Box$34.99


Classroom STEM Boxes are great for ALL educators!

Are you an educator and need a hands-on solution for your virtual or in person classroom?? Check out our Classroom STEM Boxes! Let us put all of the work together for you so you do not have to lift a finger until you do the activity itself! 

Box NameBox Price
Forces and Motion$109.99
DIY Robotics$129.99
Brick Literacy$119.99
Math Challenge$129.99
Brick Challenge$109.99
Creative Design Engineering$109.99


Contact Ryan Disseler, Assistant Director of BrickEd & More, for special pricing options for you as well as placing your order today! Each box is made especially for your child with age and experience in mind! Call 704-310-0692 or email for details!