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Teamwork is key to good professional environments! BrickEd & More Offers various types of Professional Development for Schools, Businesses, and Groups to support playful and less stressful workplace environments. Whether you want to work on teamwork, communication, or group planning, BrickEd has you covered with our fully customized professional development model.

We offer the following:

Corporate Team Building

Events are customized to meet your desired outcomes. We meet with you and tailor a plan to enhance your team’s ability to work together, attend to your meeting goals, and maximize the creativity within your company.

Teacher Training Courses

Offered in Brick Math, Literacy with the Brick, Robotics, and Design Thinking. These are typically 4-6 hours courses designed to meet your needs based upon the standards and goals provided to us in advance of the training.

Group Outing Events

Events that cater to those that want to get a group together and PLAY WITH PURPOSE to bring out the inner child in each member of the group! This is tailored to your group and be done during the day or in the evening.

You can also reserve a meeting space at BrickEd in of our three breakout rooms. After hours you can reserve the large space if that better suits your needs.

Get in touch for a quote today, and let us turn work into play and enhance your company or group’s creativity!