Personalized Academic Learning System

We continue to monitor the ongoing restrictions and impact of the COVID-19 as it effects our various on-site and off-site activity offerings.
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Purpose of P.A.L.S. Program:

We aim to support the education of students no matter their needs. BrickEd &  More specializes in STEM education and its integration into other subject areas such as literacy and mathematics. Whether it is through after school robotics programs, in school field trips, summer camps, professional development, and more, BrickEd & More is passionate about providing or helping to provide students the engaging education they deserve.

Through our Personalized Academic Learning Systems (PALS) parents will be provided a solution for their continued concern of how to support their child’s education, while working themselves. The PALS will give families a comfortable alternative to a normal educational system where there is increasing concern with the pandemic. This is the way it works!

Step 1

Families work together to create a PALS group that is run out of a location of their choosing. From here the parents can decide if they change location each week or keep it consistent. 

Step 2

BrickEd & More pairs the PALS group with a certified educator that fits their group’s educational needs. A meeting will be set with BrickEd & More management and the educator to ensure all expectations are explained and needs are discussed with all families involved.

Step 3

The PALS group and the educator designate dates and times for the meeting and discuss further details. All details are subject to approval from management at BrickEd & More.


Let BrickEd & More take the worry of your child getting a great education off of your plate! Join our network today at the low introductory rate of $150 per week! That’s only $10 per hour to ensure your child is getting the best education!


Contact Ryan Disseler, Assistant Director of BrickEd & More, for more information of how to start your PALS group today! Reach him by phone at 704-310-0692 or by email at