BrickEd & More now will be offering classes for homeschool students!

These classes are designed to foster creativity, engagement, and are fun, innovative, and foster a love of learning. We will encourage your student throughout our hands-on and STEAM activities that include robotics, coding, engineering, math, and much more. All materials will be supplied!

Our Class List includes:

Brick Math for Students in Grades 2-3

Brick Math for Students in Grades 4-5

Robotics for Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

Robotics for Students 3rd to 5th Grades

Competition Robotics Team 3rd to 5th Grades

Robotics for Students 6th to 8th Grades

Competition Robotics Team 6th to 8th Grades

All About STEAM for students 3rd to 5th Grades

Engineering Design for students 6th to 8th Grades

Literacy Through Children’s Literature Kindergarten to 2nd Grades

Literacy Through Children’s Literature 3rd to 5th Grades

Fall 2023 Home School Semester Schedule

Sign up your child for in person classes using the following form:

Please contact us at 704-798-3095 for more information pertaining to these classes starting Fall 2023!