About Us

Our History

BrickEd & More is owned by Tom and Shirley Disseler of Salisbury, NC. Dr. Shirley Disseler is a professor of education at High Point University, author of the Brick Math Series, is a LEGO® trainer, and has been a part of LEGO Education® curriculum development in Denmark for over 6 years. She and Tom have watched the power of the brick bring learning to children around the world.

Billund Denmark is the origin of LEGO© and LEGO Education®. LEGO® began in 1932, initially as a wooden toy company. In 1960, the company moved to the plastic brick after a devastating fire that desecrated the company. The LEGO Brick® has been used in classroom instruction since the early 1990s, and continues to spark engagement when used to teach content.

Dr. Shirley Disseler was chosen in 2010 to serve on the LEGO® Education Advisory Panel. During this time, she developed curriculum in Billund alongside design engineers, tested product in the U.S., and served as their math education expert in the development of More To Math. Since that time, Dr. Disseler has created an entire math curriculum centered on the use of the brick to teach math concepts, called Brick Math Series (https://www.brickmathseries.com/). Research on this series is still underway, however, with 554 data points to date, and a 5 – 7 point gain in math scores, Dr. Disseler’s understanding of math and student learning, as well as her innovative curriculum, are proving to be a success.

BrickEd & More is designed to bring Dr. Disseler’s curriculum to students from around the region. Focusing on math, robotics, and STEAM education, Dr. Disseler is expanding her scope of knowledge to encompass new and exciting programs and is sharing them here.


Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to inspire learning through creativity that engages the mind and enhances one’s ability to problem solve using the plastic brick as a medium for hands-on manipulation. BrickEd & More seeks to ignite the mind one brick at a time, incite collaboration, and inspire creative thinking.

Our vision is to provide opportunities for schools, families, educational entities, and companies to experience the creativity of the brick in an educational way as they work to discover what it means to meld the art of play and learning in their respective places to accomplish specific goals.


What Makes Us Unique

We are passionate educators working with a research-based curriculum. We love what we do, and we want to inspire others to learn. We take a hands-on approach to problem-solving and teach STEAM education, as well as 21st-century skills, to those who seek it.

BrickEd & More offers a plethora of exceptional programs and services, all tailored to help foster success and increase learning. Our services include: